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my name is Deliani, 42 years young and Indonesian, I live in Belgium.

2 years ago I came into contact with Kutus Kutus Oil, and I have used it frequently and experienced the positive effects of the oil. Only this summer I also got acquainted with the tanuamu tanami oil for my skin (I have many skin problems with my fragile Indonesian skin in Belgium)

I had the opportunity to become an official reseller for Europe, and I want to help other people to have the same magical experience as me, that's why I started the online webshop /

I am sure you will be satisfied with our products and get the same positive experience as me, maybe as a user of the oil, and maybe as a reseller to help other people with their problems

if you have any questions i am always happy to answer :)


it all started from Bona, a small village located in Gianyar, Bali. The intention was to share the knowledge of healing with an herb of the human body.

From the Majapahit era of the Bali archipelago, this herb has already proven to be able to heal and improve the health of the body.

The medicinal properties of this herb have been re-emerged with the birth of the product TAMBA SANE called Kutus-Kutus. This legacy from the past is now part of our daily life to pursue good health.

"Nature is the best pharmacist in the world.

What people need for their health can always be found in nature.

I believe we are all part of nature.

When we have a health problem, we find a solution in our universe."

— Bambang Servasius Pranoto  

Kutus Kutus herbal oil is derived from a diverse blend of exquisite botanical extracts from various roots, bark and other herbs.

The oil is prepared in a traditional way, resulting in a product that promotes the healing process. The oil is easy to apply to all painful areas on the body.

The Kutus Kutus herbal oil works by activating the body's energy, often referred to as the "Qi / Chi", and helps maintain the body's balance and health. This energy is believed to be the core of life, it flows along the meridian lines of our body.

Any interference or blockage of the "CHI" disrupts the natural flow of the body, as well as the organs of the body.