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What is Tanamu tanami Soap

Tanamu Tanami Soap is a premium soap made from all natural ingredients based on the core ingredient of Tanamu Oil and also contains coconut oil, olive oil and herbs.

Pure coconut oil has several beauty benefits. With its high protein content, coconut oil is able to stimulate hair growth, as a natural skin moisturizer and as a lotion.

Olive oil is one of the best oils out there right now, due to its low saturated fat content. Olive oil also has a high content of vitamin E, which serves as antioxidants to prevent cancer, especially skin cancer.

- Quality herbs and spices. The high content of herbs makes the Tanamu Tanami soap very comfortable to use. As you rub the soap on your body, you will feel a warm feeling; a different feeling with your previous bath experience.

Tanamu oil is pressed from the nuts of the Calophyllum inophyllum, tropical trees belonging to the Calophyllaceae family. Tanamu Tanami Soap is a premium soap and scrub derived from the herbal extraction in combination with Tanamu Oil, this soap helps a variety of skin complaints with the composition of Tamanu Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Herbs giving it a luscious and warm feeling when used.

The benefits of Kalila kalila soap

Tanamu Tanami Soap can help with skin problems such as acne, dry and flaky skin, chapped skin, blisters, burns and bruises, as well as skin ulcers, panu, ringworm, allergy itch, blackheads, flaky skin, chapped skin, etc. ,,

In addition, this oil is also suitable, but not limited to only healing blisters, burns and bruises from an impact. Pure coconut oil is widely used as cosmetic ingredients for its high skin beauty benefits, to moisturize, brighten and stimulate hair growth.

How to use the  tanamu tanami-soap

Simply moisten the skin with the bar and apply Tanamu Tanami soap directly to the body. You will feel the "scrubbing" of the soap due to the presence of the various herbs and spices.

It has a natural exfoliating effect that helps remove dead skin. After washing, rinse thoroughly with clean water.

This soap is perfect to use before applying the Tanamu Tanami oil, so clean the area to be treated with a 100% natural soap (without any chemicals), so that the kutus Kutus Oil can be treated very deeply and with full force. place / skin can retract.


what is wrong with regular soap

Your morning shower may be a dangerous chemical shower! Regular soaps often contain chemicals in the form of artificial fragrance and colors. Soaps also often use a few active ingredients, including trichlorocarbanalide and trichlorodiphenyl.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has registered trichlorocarbanalide and trichlorodiphenyl as pesticides, and they have a chemical structure similar to many hazardous substances, including dioxins, PCBs, and even Agent Orange!

Your skin is a protective mechanical barrier to your internal organs and muscles. It also excretes waste products and excess salts from your body through sweat and tears. Your skin is also supposed to absorb substances that are good for you, such as vitamin D from the sun, or medicinal herbs and essential oils. Your skin can therefore also absorb substances that are BAD for you!

When your skin absorbs harmful chemicals, their toxins can settle in your cells, tissues, and muscles, eventually overwhelming your entire immune system. And that can happen with your morning shower if you are not careful with the choice of your soap